Embroidering on single sided stretch fabrics

marilyn_blog_275px_squareDo you struggle with embroidering on single sided fabrics like Polar Fleece or Minkee??  You are not alone!  Try this method for STRESS FREE embroidery designs.  Hoop up 2 layers of our Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh (Non-Fusible). Stitch your design . For best results use a design that is a closed , filled one, rather than open and lacy. Once you are done, use  your Floriani Heat Burning tool to burn away the edges of your embroidery design creating a Free Standing embroidery.  Now simply zip-zag or straight stitch this onto the front side of your polar fleece or Minkee Item.  This method works beautifully on scarves or throws  where the back side will be against the body. Give it a try TODAY!!


One thought on “Embroidering on single sided stretch fabrics”

  1. Hello, Girl friend I love your new site. Wish you all the success in getting this up and running. It will be fabulous to see some of your helpful tips up here for everyone to share. Good luck.


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